The Explorer Motor Yacht Range

An Exquisite Range of Quality Motor Yachts

The Explorer range is born out of 25 years of Clipper heritage built on graceful lines, premium functionality and superior resale value.

Combining classic design and new semi-planing hulls, the Explorer range delivers both speed and fuel efficiency. With cruising speeds between 10 and 18 knots, Explorer owners enjoy the best of both worlds with the exhilaration of the higher cruising speeds or the option of displacement mode to conserve fuel.

Explorers are built by experienced, passionate craftsmen with a keen attention to detail to ensure the highest quality finish. The company is proud to operate a state of the art shipyard overseen by respected naval architects, quality control engineers and skilled craftsmen to build its high quality models under license.

Explorer is proud to provide the highest levels of quality at affordable prices to its discerning customers. With no dealer premiums and a direct association with the manufacturer, Explorer Motor Yachts offer excellent value for money and limited depreciation over time.

Your Explorer can be delivered to anywhere in the world supported by a dealership network spanning Australia, New Zealand, the United States, Asia and Europe.